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We are a highly accredited team of specialists dedicated to transcending financial industry standards.


 Keith L. Hatton,  CEO
 of HFI Financial Group of Companies
 President of Hatton Financial Inc.

Keith is a Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Life Underwriter, a Chartered Financial Consultant, a Trust and Estate Practitioner, and an employee benefits specialist. Serving in risk analysis of living too long, dying too soon, or becoming disabled. Commenced business activities in 1979.

"I give people guaranteed pay cheques for life"

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Phil Jones, GBA
President of HFI Benefits Inc.

Phil has 19 years of experience in the employee benefit and specialty group creditor sectors of the industry which includes positions of Account Executive, Group Manager & National Sales Manager. In addition, his background includes 8 years in the financial services industry as a Lender and Finance Manager. This unique combination of experience together with his problem solving skills and commitment to responsible service ensures our clients always receive timely and expert employee benefit consulting and related financial services advice.

Shone Choi, B.comm, Finance Major
Financial Analyst and Living Benefits Specialist

Shone came to us after graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree with a major in Finance and Business Law & Economics. As a licensed professional her prior degree in financial and accounting support roles makes her a valuable asset to the firm. Shone's abilities, experience, and knowledge are selected for how they complement a particular individual, foundation project, or the organization as a whole. Shone is a professional financial advisor specializing in living benefits, including income replacement and risk management solutions for individuals, business owners and professionals.  

 Tammy Lam

Tammy Studied at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with a focus in Business Finance, and has been working in the financial services industry for nearly 9 years.
Tammy brings a wealth of industry knowledge, with her focus being in the family and small business market. Her areas of expertise are in the following areas: Critical illness, Disability Insurance and Life Insurance.

We are a Canadian Financial services organization specializing in advanced tax sheltering, wealth accumulation planning, business succession, and retirement planning. Although our approaches work for all Canadians, they are most effective for those in high tax brackets and for business owners.
We have also been very successful in reducing costs of employee benefit programs and providing more tax effective compensation.


Thirty Years After

It can be argued, persuasively, that organizations, like people, are most susceptible at precisely the moment they pause to reflect on their success. To use an unfortunate hockey metaphor, we all know what can happen to players who stop, ever so briefly, to admire their pass. Always keep your head up, never stop skating, and be ready to get hit. Better still, take the play to your opponents, instead of trying to defend a lead.

HFI has, over the past 33 years, achieved some impressive accomplishments. It has singularly lifted reputations, and established a platform of consultative competence. In other words, credibility. Credibility based on expertise, honesty, problem-solving, and relationship-building. In a world where swagger and strut have replaced confidence and competence, we risk falling prey to an arrogance that suggests there is no problem we can't handle. Truth of the matter is, there are any number of problems currently in play that are actively working to undermine the very premise of credibility we now risk taking for granted.

HFI is, and was, based on a proven template carried forward from years gone by. New teams such as CALU (Conference for Advanced life Underwriting), FPSC (the Financial Planners standards council of Canada),  STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) and AALU (the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting)  models have provided the most immediate source for continued parallels.


Quo Vadis

The real question is where, from here, and how? The biggest threat I see is in moving away from a game plan and a structure that has proven itself so capable. HFI´s client-focused, client -driven, representations and relationships can be applied to meet the challenges of the future, in much the same way they were in the past. If this sounds like a conservative concept, I don't apologize – it is.
- Keith L. Hatton, CLU, CHFC, CFP, TEP


A Chartered Financial Consultant (CH.F.C.) is a financial planner with advanced knowledge in wealth accumulation and retirement planning.

A Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) is a financial planner with advanced knowledge in life and health insurance and employee benefits.
A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) identifies individuals who are dedicated to a high level of professionalism in providing financial planning advice. CFP's have agreed to adhere to high standards of competence and ethical practice as set out by the Financial Planners standards council of Canada (FPSC).

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CALU membership includes many of Canada's foremost practitioners in such fields as Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Executive Compensation, Corporate-Owned Life Insurance, Charitable Giving and Employee Benefits. Members of CALU provide experienced and dynamic leadership for the wide range of activities designed to enhance the professional competence of advanced life underwriters. Membership in CALU is restricted to individuals who meet the professional standards set for admission. CALU members provide personal financial, business succession, estate planning and employee benefits services to their clients, many of whom are the owners of family businesses, large and small.
STEP is the principal professional body for trust and estate practitioners. As such, STEP is a unique international intellectual resource which ensures its members prosper by maintaining the highest professional values. STEP provides information exchange, educational and discount services to its members. STEP's WorldWide office represents members interests at the international level and assists its branch network in making national and regional representations. STEP was founded with the aim of bringing together all the practitioners in the field and cutting across old established professional boundaries.
The respected Registered Health Underwriter® (RHU®) designation is the premier credential in the health insurance market.  Advisors with this designation have advanced knowledge of disability insurance, long-term care insurance and managed care.
Through a wide range of products and services, the life and health insurance industry helps Canadians to protect themselves and their families against the financial risks of premature death, illness and retirement. These products include individual and group life insurance, individual and group annuities (including RRSPs, RRIFs and pensions) and supplementary health insurance.


"Advanced Knowledge and Experience are our major assets."
               - Keith L. Hatton, CLU, CHFC, CFP, TEP     

Codes of Conduct

Ethics: We adhere to a Code of Ethics which requires all licencees to act in an ethical and responsible manner in all professional services and activities.