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Canadians Can Now Purchase an affordable Health Care Plan providing for treatment from the best doctors in the best facilities available in the world, with a response usually within 7 to 10 days.

There are currently 900,000 Canadian waiting for some kind of medical test.  The average wait time to see a specialist is 7.2 weeks.  What happens when you wait to see that specialist and find out he/she is the wrong one?  It takes 5 weeks or longer to get a CAT scan, and 12 weeks for an MRI.  Canadians can now purchase a new Extended Health Care policy for treatment in the United States (or any other better facility worldwide) with an average response time of 7 to 10 days.  

Canadians no longer have to wait. Now we have another option.  No more difficulty navigating “the system”.  Once they are medically approved (pre-existing conditions will obviously be excluded), they can purchase a new Extended Health Care policy that will provide them with immediate access to information, consultations with the best physicians in the world, and fund the cost of any treatment needed.  For example, if the insured suffered a heart attack at age 60 and required immediate life-saving by-pass surgery, this could be performed in the United States within a few days.

Canadians often have many questions with respect to access to medical information such as:

  • Who do I turn to get a second opinion?
  • Where do I go?
  • How do I know for sure what my true illness is?
  • How can I get fast access to information and treatment internationally?
  • Who is the best physician for the job?

Ownership of this coverage will empower participants to make informed decisions concerning the diagnosis and recommended treatment plans for their medical conditions.  It will facilitate access to care by the top specialists and facilities in the United States and around the world.

This new plan combines the preeminent services of the BestDoctors® and InterConsultationTM  Together they provide a top quality major medical insurance program  available in Canada through Hatton Financial Inc.

The following are some examples of the cost of procedures that could be covered:

  • Cardiac valve replacement currently averages $117,000 U.S.
  • An Angiogram costs $17,000 to $48,000 U.S. depending on the State.
  • Liver transplant costs $300,000 U.S.
  • To excise a tumor from the pituitary gland costs $45,000 U.S.
  • Bone marrow transplant $217,000 US
  • Kidney transplant $116,000 US
  • Acute leukemia  age 0 - 14 $35,359 US

A single example of the enhancements available to Canadians through this plan would be for the treatment of inoperable tumors.  An instrument known as a Gamma Knife has been successfully used in the United States for over 10 years.  It provides a very focused beam to remove tumors from such sensitive areas as the human brain.  In fact, the entire operating room may be an MRI itself providing the physician with a three dimensional image of the tumor.  However, current legal, social and political pressures make it almost impossible to for Gamma Knife technology to exist in Canada.

What does it Cost?  

A male aged 44 can purchase this coverage for $1,400 a year U.S. (with a $2,500 deductible). That's not much more than the *$880/year we pay now for Medicare and  taxes. (*A.H.I.C. rates for 2001. Reported 50% increase for 2002)

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